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Dental X-Rays: What's the Danger?

Radiation symbol | Dentist Duxbury MA


If you’ve ever been to the dentist, you probably have had dental radiographs, known better as x-rays. There’s that little sensor attached to a stick, which gets placed in your mouth as you bite down to hold it in place. Sometimes a little uncomfortable, these x-rays provide important information about your oral health.


While the benefits of dental x-rays are many, let’s discuss a few of the big ones. ...

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Floss is Boss- Top 5 Reasons to Floss Your Teeth

Cartoon with tooth holding floss saying Floss is Boss | Dentist Duxbury MA

Do I really need to floss? Every day? I never get cavities, so why floss?


Every dentist hears these questions on a regular basis. In fact, last week I was having a conversation outside of the office with a young man in his 30s. Once I told him I was a dentist he immediately asked about flossing. “Is it a myth? I don’t see the point.”


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Totally Satisfied, Very Fearful Patient

Just finished Mrs. M.D., and she rated her overall visit at our dental office EXCELLENT. She was very impressed that she did not have to wait to be seen and we respected her time. She said she was greeted properly and would refer all her friends and relatives to us for their dental care also. Lastly, she stated in a testimonial letter to our office that, “All three of you were more than pleasant and friendly. Over all it was a good dental visit experience. I am usually PETRIFIED of the dentist-ha and I left very relaxed and informed.”

Letters like these from our patients are what we are in the ...

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