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The Power of Dental Implants to Change Your Smile- Case of the Week

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This week I delivered two dental implant crowns to one of our patients and it made me think how great it is to have an option like dental implants available today. It truly is a life-altering procedure. This is especially the case with our patient, who I'll call Emily to protect her anonymity. 

Here is Emily when she first came to our office. She was missing both upper left bicuspids. I got her to smile for the photo, but this wasn't something she felt comfortable doing in public. She is getting married this year and wanted to be able to smile in her wedding photos.

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2016- A Year In Review at Center for Progressive Dentistry

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As 2016 comes to close, I wanted to take a moment to reflect back on our year at Center for Progressive Dentistry. First, I would be remiss if I did not thank all of our patients, both new and old, for putting your trust in our office to take care of your dental needs. We do not take this lightly and we couldn't be a great office without great patients. Of course, our entire team needs a big "Thank You" as well. Julie, Kathy, Stevie, Joanne, Bertha, Loretta, and Bridget are all part of what makes our dental office special. Both I and Dr. Santelli truly appreciate the hard work ...

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Are We Outliving Our Teeth?

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There have been so many important advancements in dentistry in recent history, from fluoride toothpaste to minimally invasive bonded fillings, from braces to digital x-rays. As a profession, we have expanded awareness of best oral hygiene practices and the power of prevention when it comes to tooth decay and gum disease.

But one persistent problem dentists and patients are facing is that our teeth were not designed to last as long as we are living. The life expectancy of someone born in the United States today is over 79 years old. In 1960, the average life expectancy was a full 10 years younger than it is today. And if you were ...

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Dr. David Scardella and Dr. Joseph Santelli- The Best of Both Worlds

Dr. Scardella and Dr. Santelli | Dentist Duxbury MA

Today is a Saturday, a day off at Center for Progressive Dentistry and I have a few moments to reflect on my first 4 months as the new owner of the practice. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive. I cannot help but be exceedingly thankful that I came across this opportunity. What has made this so special? Well, let me tell you…

Aside from the beautiful dental office, the amazing team (Joanne, Bertha, Kathy, Stevie, and Julie), and the most grateful patient base a dentist could ask for, one more thing puts this practice over the top- Dr. Santelli. “Dr. Joe” (as many of his loyal patients call him) has been ...

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Our Vietnam Veteran is Doing Great

As many of you are aware, this year we decided to do a complete SMILE MAKEOVER for a war veteran GRATIS. The winner of our little contest served in Vietnam and then almost lost his life in a snow mobile accident in 1999 in N.H.

At the time, he lost most of his teeth and broke most of the bones in his face. We started our reconstruction a few weeks ago. The end result will be a total of ten mini implants and SNAP-ON dentures and the roof of his mouth will NOT be covered with the denture. In this way he’ll taste his food better, his speech will be better ...

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Disabled American Veteran

Many local people may have heard WPLM’s contest for a Disabled American Veteran. We have teamed up to create a perfect SMILE for a veteran so he or she can get back into society and the job market more easily.

WPLM received hundreds of responses of which they were able to verify 50 service people. After a grueling two weeks they were able to narrow the search down to ONE lucky winner. For the past two months WPLM has run the contest whereby the serviceman or woman could nominate them selves or a friend/relative could nominate them for valiant service to our country.

All we can say right now is the winner ...

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