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I'm Having a Dental Emergency! What Should I Do?

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Dental emergencies are inconvenient and can feel scary, especially if there is blood or a knocked out tooth involved. Your first instinct may be to panic, but you can rest assured that, with the right team on your side, dental emergencies in Duxbury, MA will be handled promptly with your comfort in mind.

When you know what to do in an emergency, it can also help to alleviate your stress. Here are some helpful tips for handling common dental emergencies until you can get to your dentist.

Contact Your Dentist First

While it may seem like a good idea to head to an emergency room, in the case of a dental emergency you ...

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Our Hygienist, Julie

Julie is absolutely amazing!!!!!!! She truly took the time to explain everything as she went along, she was great!  This was my first visit her and the woman at the front desk was nothing but nice!

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