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Comes to the Rescue!

Felt really good leaving there and knowing one again, Dr. Santelli comes to the rescue! Thanks to him I’m still smiling with my own teeth! As usual everyone there is soooo friendly and nice, I always feel at home there!

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Diplomat Status

Dr. Santelli just received his Diplomat status in the International Academy of Mini Dental Implants (IAMDI). This is the highest level that a dentist can attain in the Academy. The award was presented during a seminar that Dr. Santelli lectured at in Buffalo, NY. During that same weekend they had the grand opening of the largest Mini Dental Implant training facility in the nation.

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Incredible Mini Dental Implants

Hello All,

After some additional training, we are about to launch a new and improved mini dental implant for the secure stabilization of a person’s LOWER denture. ONLY 2 implants are required, which then cuts the usual cost in half and makes the entire procedure even simpler than it was. Also, IF your existing denture can be used and does not have to be replaced, the ENTIRE procedure will cost LESS than $2000. You will NEVER need adhesive again and your lower denture will SNAP into place and never come loose when you are talking or eating. You will have a forceful bite just like when you had your own teeth.

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Vietnam Veteran is Great

As most of you know I have been treating a Vietnam veteran gratis for the past few months. So far everything is turning out quite well. I will post before/after pictures when we are through.

His name is Ennio, and he was born and raised in Parma, Italy. Ennio recently told me about his boss in 2008 having to let go one of the only two workers at the company (home security systems). Since Ennio had seniority, his boss had to fire the younger employee who was married with 3 children. Since Ennio was 62 at the time and had no children living at home he told his employer to let ...

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Patient Can't Believe All we did for Her

Mrs. M.K. just let us know that we have saved her from more serious dental concerns by seeing her as soon as she called our office and in a matter of minutes resolving her concerns.

Her treatment involved placing 4 mini implants in her lower jaw. Her new denture now SNAPS into place for her. She wears it 24/7 and only takes it out to clean it once/day. She even sleeps with it in her mouth. For the first time since she has been wearing dentures she does not need any messy adhesives…EVER!

And with all they are finding out about the zinc (a heavy metal) content in the denture adhesives, not ...

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Celebrating 40 Years in Dentistry!

On May 1 I celebrated my 40th year in this wonderful profession. Also on the 23rd of May my wife and secretary and myself will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. On that same day I turn 66 years old. Never thought I’d be applying for Social Security benefits.

So we have lots going on in our lives and even more to be very thankful for. Our lives, through dentistry, have been immensely rewarding. The support that we have received from the local communities has been extremely enriching and through volunteer work and supplying FREE dentistry to people in need we will continue to give back in any way we can.

Thank you ...

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Snap-On Denture in One Hour

Just finished up a Snap-On lower denture for one of our patients in ONE hour. She was very apprehensive so we used nitrous oxide gas, which made her very relaxed (no charge for this service) and then gave her plenty of novocaine, which she never felt because we use the WAND which is all computerized and you don’t even feel the initial pin prick. Pretty good…HUH?

We placed 4 mini dental implants, attached her old denture to them, and when I called her tonight to see how she was doing she was at a restaurant already having dinner.

If you or a person you know is having trouble keeping their dentures in ...

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