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Dr. Joe's 6th Annual Golf Outing

Team photo at Dr. Joe's 6th Annual Gold Outing

On Friday, July 21, 2017, Dr. Joe Santelli hosted the 7th Annual Golf Outing at Indian Pond Country Club in Kingston. It's a free golf event for friends of Dr. Santelli and open to patients of our practice. We had a record 60 golfers this year due to increased demand. The weather was perfect once again, 90 degrees and sunny. The BBQ was held indoors this year due to the heat.

The tournament is just for fun and the "best ball" format reflects that goal. Each foursome is a team. Every player tees off and the team chooses the best drive of the four. Then each player will hit a shot from ...

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Dr. Scardella and Stevie head to North Carolina to Learn about Sleep Apnea!

Person covering head with pillow next to man with bullhorn as head to represent snoring

This afternoon, my chairside dental assistant Stevie and I (Dr. Scardella) will fly to Raleigh, North Carolina to learn more about obstructive sleep apnea. During the 2-day long course, we will learn about the causes, symptoms, complications, and treatment of sleep apnea using dental appliances. Sleep apnea is a growing area of concern as many connections have been discovered between sleep apnea and other medical conditions. For instance, sleep apnea has been related to high blood pressure and other heart problems, acid reflux, tooth grinding, diabetes, and more.

We look forward to learning how we can use dental sleep apnea appliances to improve the lives of our patients. Have a great ...

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Financing Options at the Dentist

Person pressing keyboard with money sign on it

If you have ever thought you cannot afford to go to the dentist, maybe you didn’t have all the information available about how you can pay for it. Most Americans realize the importance of oral health and the potential consequences of avoiding dental care. Yet, for many, money is the barrier between them and getting the treatment they need and deserve.


I’d like to share a few ways our office, Center for Progressive Dentistry, helps break ...

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Be a Zen Master and Stop Brushing Your Teeth! 3 Steps To Better Oral Health

Drawing of someone meditating

--- Today's blog post comes from a colleague of mine, Dr. Greg DeVries. Dr. DeVries owns and operates Life Smile Dentistry, a family dental practice in Wayne, NJ. Enjoy! ---

As a family dentist, I get the chance to see many different people throughout my day. A good portion of them report brushing twice a day as directed but still struggle with persistent bleeding gums, cavities and other indicators of poor oral health. What’s going on here? Is more brushing needed? Not if brushing means a quick scrub before ...

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Attention Pregnant Women: Come to the Dentist!

Pregnant Woman holding belly

After dental school, I completed my residency at a Veterans Affairs Hospital. During that time, I did not see one pregnant woman during my residency. For a while, I forgot pregnant women existed in the dental practice. After moving on to private practice, I quickly realized I had pregnant patients, and they had a lot of questions and held misconceptions. So I did my research, I read the studies and articles, and I put together a one-page synopsis for my patients (click here to view).

Like anything else in the medical field, there are many differing opinions, ideas, and theories regarding pregnancy, and specifically, dental treatment during pregnancy. ...

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Do you premedicate before your dental visits?

Photo of pills | Dentist Duxbury MA

If you're like most people who have a prosthetic joint, artificial heart valve, heart murmur, cardiac stent, or any one of numerous medical conditions, you have probably been told at some point to "premedicate" with antibiotics before your dental appointments. Later, depending on the condition, your physician or dentist may have told you it was no longer necessary. Or maybe just needed for 2 years following a procedure. Maybe 1 year. Maybe for the rest of your life. How confusing!

I'd like to clarify these recommendations, or at least try to until they are changed again. Since I've been in dentistry, the premedication guidelines have changed at least 4 times. Often, ...

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Hello from Dr. Scardella!

I’m excited to announce that I have purchased Center for Progressive Dentistry from Dr. Santelli and look forward to a great partnership between us. This place is amazing! I cannot wait to to fully invest all my passion and energy into this dental practice. I hope to provide our patients with the consistent quality dental care that they have become accustomed to with Dr. Santelli and his team. The entire staff and Dr. Santelli will continue with the practice as well, making it a smooth transition for me personally.

I look forward to meeting you at your next visit.


David Scardella, DMD

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