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Mouthguards, Nightguards, Retainers and More! Now made in-office...

a hockey player smiles | mouth guards in Duxbury MA






Recently, our office purchased a fantastic new laboratory machine with the capability of producing custom fabricated athletic mouthguards, nightguards to prevent tooth grinding, and clear orthodontic retainers. It's called: the MiniSTAR.

an image of a mouth guard/retainer making machine | duxbury MA dentist

With the ability to fabricate these dental appliances in our office, we can deliver them to our patients faster and at a lower cost than sending them to a commercial dental laboratory. 

Our athletic mouthguards can be made in a variety of colors. Upon request, we can add custom logos and names. They are multi-layered, durable, and will help protect against fractured teeth and concussions. ...

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Dr. Scardella Publishes an Article!

Dental x-rays | Dentist Duxbury MA

It was a great pleasure to see my very first article published in the online dental magazine Dentistry IQ (Click here to read the article). The article talks about the importance of using 3-D x-rays in our practice, Center for Progressive Dentistry. It was a costly investment in technology, but it provides our patients with the very best dentistry has to offer. Our main use for the 3-D x-ray, or Cone Beam CT, is for planning dental implants. It allows us to digitally plan the position and size of the dental implant to perfectly fit the patient's jaw. It enables us to avoid important anatomical structures, like nerves and sinuses, making ...

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3D X-Rays Come to Duxbury, MA

Dental X-ray of jaw | Dentist Duxbury MA

It's finally here! 3D X-rays are more accurately known as Cone Beam Computed Tomography, or CBCT. We recently added this new machine for our office and have already begun using it on a daily basis. This unit is going to change the way we practice dentistry and greatly improve the quality of care for our patients. Very few general dentistry practices and specialist offices offer this service to their patients. You might be wondering why I am so excited about CBCT and how it ...

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"Sedation Dentistry" - What Does it Really Mean?

Woman sleeping | Dentist Duxbury MA

Here’s something all dentists hear on a regular basis, “No offense, but I really hate the dentist.” Or some version of this statement where the patient proclaims their fear and anxiety for our profession. Sometimes, it’s the first thing a patient says upon meeting the dentist.

It’s safe to say that if you have anxiety about seeing the dentist, you are not alone. Fortunately, sedation dentistry is here to help. However, there is a lot of confusion about what “sedation dentistry” really means. I’ve seen many dental offices advertise for sedation services and their only option is taking a pill prior the appointment. For some, this may be enough, but for ...

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Another Satisfied Patient

Just received this very kind note from one of our new patients. Mr. G.W. said, "Very happy with my friends at Dr. Santelli’s office. Dr. Joe found my issue that has been ongoing and getting worse. Thank you for a GREAT experience at your office. I finally was able to get some relief.”

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