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Donating a Smile to a Veteran

Donating a Smile to a Veteran - Dentures

Periodically, we have the pleasure of taking on a charity case for a patient otherwise unable to afford their dental treatment. Recently, Center for Progressive Dentistry teamed up with Dental Lifeline Network to find an armed forces veteran in need of some dental care. We matched with a worthy patient named Bob, who served in the Army in the Vietnam War era. He had been on a waiting list for two years to find a dentist willing to take him on as a patient. Bob was looking to improve his smile and ability to chew food.

All treatment, from initial exam and x-rays to the final teeth, was donated and performed ...

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Top-Notch Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments in Duxbury

Man Smiling With Nice Teeth | Cosmetic Dentistry

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a general term for the branch of dental work that helps improve the appearance and aesthetics of a smile. Cosmetic dentistry differs from other dental specialties such as restorative dentistry, and there are many different types of cosmetic dental treatments available.

At the Center for Progressive Dentistry in Duxbury, MA, Dr. David Scardella and our experienced team of dental hygienists and assistants help patients enhance the quality of their smiles every day. While we offer a variety of cosmetic dental services, three of our most popular treatments are described in further detail below:

Teeth Whitening:

Our office uses the Opalescence Whitening System to help our patients achieve ...

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I'm Having a Dental Emergency! What Should I Do?

a man holds his jaw | emergency dentist duxbury

Dental emergencies are inconvenient and can feel scary, especially if there is blood or a knocked out tooth involved. Your first instinct may be to panic, but you can rest assured that, with the right team on your side, dental emergencies in Duxbury, MA will be handled promptly with your comfort in mind.

When you know what to do in an emergency, it can also help to alleviate your stress. Here are some helpful tips for handling common dental emergencies until you can get to your dentist.

Contact Your Dentist First

While it may seem like a good idea to head to an emergency room, in the case of a dental emergency you ...

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3 Reasons Patients Choose to Utilize Sedation Dentistry

A woman covers her smile | sedation dentist duxbury ma

Dental sedation offers patients options for helping them feel more relaxed during treatment procedures so they can get the dentistry they need in a timely and comfortable manner. Here are three reasons patients might choose sedation dentistry.

Fear or Anxiety

Dental fear or anxiety keeps many patients from visiting the dentist on a regular basis. The good news is that options such as nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, can help patients feel more at ease during most types of procedures. Better yet, it doesn’t interfere with your normal activities when you return home after your appointment.

Multiple Complex Procedures

Has your hectic schedule kept you from completing the dental treatment you need? Now you ...

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Case of the Week- New Dentures

a new set of full dentures infront of a black backdrop | dentures duxbury ma

Our patient, Mr. S, was in need of some new dentures. His old dentures were severely worn down. They also did not fit properly, especially the lower denture. They both needed loads of denture adhesive to stay in place. Mr. S has also heard about dental implants to help secure his dentures. Here are steps he went through to get his new implant-retained dentures.

Here are his old dentures:


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A Brief History of Dentures

dentures sit on a white background | dentures duxbury ma

Dentures are an excellent solution for replacing an entire arch of missing teeth. You might be surprised to find that they date back to around 700BC when Etruscans crafted them out of human or animal teeth.

Dentures were on the rise as sugar entered into our diets causing tooth decay and loss. In the 1700's dentures were made of ivory, and even George Washington was a denture wearer, although his were not actually made of wood contrary to popular belief. They were crafted from ivory, human teeth, and animal teeth.

Around the year 1774, the first set of porcelain dentures were made, although porcelain tended to chip so human teeth were still ...

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