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I Am So Grateful

Dear Joe, Bertha, & Joanne,

Everyday I look in the mirror and look at my smile, I am so grateful for your persistence and patience and commitment to excellence! I know it’s not perfect yet, but I have no doubt it will be as we move through the work yet to be done. It all means the world to me. Thank you so much!  “D

These nice notes from our patient’s make our day! So nice to be appreciated!

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Inspiring Phone Call

Just got off the phone with a patient of ours who is looking to relocate to Naples Florida. They recently found a dentist down there, as they start to set up their professionals prior to moving there permanently. The dentist was trained at Tufts and remarked how beautiful BOTH of their restorations were. He could not believe Kevin’s immediate implant and crowns, and after seeing El’s wrap-around veneers he told Kevin that if he himself ever needs dentistry he will come back to Boston and have them done here at this office with me!

WOW! What a compliment to receive that from another dental professional. What a way to start our ...

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Diplomat Status

Dr. Santelli just received his Diplomat status in the International Academy of Mini Dental Implants (IAMDI). This is the highest level that a dentist can attain in the Academy. The award was presented during a seminar that Dr. Santelli lectured at in Buffalo, NY. During that same weekend they had the grand opening of the largest Mini Dental Implant training facility in the nation.

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Incredible Mini Dental Implants

Hello All,

After some additional training, we are about to launch a new and improved mini dental implant for the secure stabilization of a person’s LOWER denture. ONLY 2 implants are required, which then cuts the usual cost in half and makes the entire procedure even simpler than it was. Also, IF your existing denture can be used and does not have to be replaced, the ENTIRE procedure will cost LESS than $2000. You will NEVER need adhesive again and your lower denture will SNAP into place and never come loose when you are talking or eating. You will have a forceful bite just like when you had your own teeth.

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Another Satisfied Patient

Just received this very kind note from one of our new patients. Mr. G.W. said, "Very happy with my friends at Dr. Santelli’s office. Dr. Joe found my issue that has been ongoing and getting worse. Thank you for a GREAT experience at your office. I finally was able to get some relief.”

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Recent Dentistry on my own Certified Dental Assistant

My dental assistant of 37 years, Joanne Bray, recently needed some long overdue dentistry. Years ago Joanne fractured her lower jaw and lost a few of her lower front teeth in an accident. I had made her a permanently fixed porcelain bridge about 30 years ago to replace what she had and it has served her well all of these years. However it was starting to look its age (as we ALL are) and we decided to use more modern materials and a few mini dental implants to replace the three missing teeth. We also, with the help of our pre-dental student Anthony, did one root canal and removed a ...

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Joanne Bray - She's the Best!

Hello out there,

I just have to do a little bragging on my dental assistant of 37 years, Joanne Bray. This past Tuesday we decided to do some dentistry on Joanne that we had been putting off for way too long. It involved the lower front teeth (6 in all) where Joanne had a very old fixed porcelain bridge that had outlived its usefulness. First off after getting Joanne very numb using the PAINLESS WAND, I removed the old bridge. Joanne had lost her two lower front teeth long before I met her so we replaced those two teeth with two mini dental implants. Then we proceeded to perform a root ...

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