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Disabled American Veteran

Many local people may have heard WPLM’s contest for a Disabled American Veteran. We have teamed up to create a perfect SMILE for a veteran so he or she can get back into society and the job market more easily.

WPLM received hundreds of responses of which they were able to verify 50 service people. After a grueling two weeks they were able to narrow the search down to ONE lucky winner. For the past two months WPLM has run the contest whereby the serviceman or woman could nominate them selves or a friend/relative could nominate them for valiant service to our country.

All we can say right now is the winner ...

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Patient LOVES not Having her Palate Covered by her Upper Denture!

Just completed a palateless upper denture on Mrs. D.P .this afternoon. We used 6 mini implants, and when I called her tonight to see how she was doing, she claims she did not even take any of the pain meds I gave her. She absolutely LOVES tasting her food again and she will NEVER, EVER have to use those gooey denture adhesives again. Also, she can keep her dentures in her mouth 24 hours a day. She takes them out once a day to rinse her mouth and that is it. The entire treatment took about an hour with NO discomfort whatsoever.

I sure wish more denture wearers would avail themselves ...

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