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Joanne Bray - She's the Best!

August 7, 2011
Posted By: Dr. Santelli

Hello out there,

I just have to do a little bragging on my dental assistant of 37 years, Joanne Bray. This past Tuesday we decided to do some dentistry on Joanne that we had been putting off for way too long. It involved the lower front teeth (6 in all) where Joanne had a very old fixed porcelain bridge that had outlived its usefulness. First off after getting Joanne very numb using the PAINLESS WAND, I removed the old bridge. Joanne had lost her two lower front teeth long before I met her so we replaced those two teeth with two mini dental implants. Then we proceeded to perform a root canal on another tooth that had an exposed nerve. We then removed a root of a tooth that was not serving any purpose and lastly placed a very attractive temporary bridge until she gets some healing and we can proceed with the permanent porcelain bridge.

As you are all aware I always call my patients that evening after any difficult dentistry, which this certainly was. However, I got invited to a Red Sox game that got delayed two hours due to rain and I didn’t get home that night until 1:30 AM. Needless to say I did not call Joanne to see how she was doing. I figured I’d wait until the next morning but when I read my e-mails Joanne had already responded to the treatment. After having all of that dentistry done she ended up needing only two Ibuprofen that evening. She also said aside from there being NO pain, that the implants were the easiest part of the entire procedure. It was great hearing this especially coming from the lady who helps me place these EVERY day!

Oh, by the way, Joanne and I also saw a full load of patients the SAME afternoon of the morning that I treated her! There are very few if any people I know who could have done what Joanne did, come away SMILING, work another half day and then send me a beautiful email congratulating me on the great job I did and how little discomfort she felt during and right afterwards.

You might be asking, “Who acted as my dental assistant during this whole procedure?” Some of you know that during this past year a young pre-dental student (son of a patient of ours) has been observing some of our dentistry. I told Anthony that helping us out would look good on his dental school application. He jumped at the chance and did remarkably well.

In a few weeks you’ll get to see the new porcelain teeth that my dental lab will create for Joanne. I feel like the “luckiest” dentist in the world having known and worked closely with this AMAZING lady! Your comments are very welcome, and have a great day.

Dr. Joe

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