Emergencies in Duxbury, MA

Woman holding jaw in pain | Dentist Duxbury MAImagine you’re eating dinner with friends and you chip a tooth on a piece of crusty French bread. Perhaps you have been up all night with a toothache that won’t go away. Or maybe your dog got a hold of your denture and broke it in half.

Fortunately, most dental emergencies are not life-threatening. However, we understand the need to be seen in a timely manner. At Center for Progressive Dentistry, we attempt to treat all emergencies as quickly as possible, often on the same day you call.

What Are Some Common Dental Emergencies?

  • Tooth pain – Whether the toothache has been longstanding or developed recently, it can affect your ability to eat and drink, sleep, talk, and think clearly. You don’t have to live with tooth pain. Call our office immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Chipped or broken tooth or filling – Your mouth is a harsh environment. Thankfully, modern dentistry is lasting longer than ever. Unfortunately, broken teeth and chipped fillings can still occur. This is usually not painful, but it can be sharp and irritating to surrounding tissues, like the tongue. It can also create a trap for food and bacteria leading to inflammation.
  • Broken denture or denture tooth – Fortunately, this can usually be repaired by our local laboratory. Please call Center for Progressive Dentistry first to find out your options.

Whether you are a new patient or a long-time patient of the practice, if you have a dental emergency, we can help. By calling during our normal business hours you are likely to get an appointment within 24-48 hours. Often our dentists will be able to fix your issue during this visit.

We’ll Make Sure You Get the Help You Need

If the emergency requires a longer appointment to complete the work, you will at least have had a consultation stating the issue and all possible solutions, including any associated fees. Dr. Scardella also has close working relationships with many of the dental specialists on the South Shore. If you require a referral to the specialist, our office will help coordinate the appointment with the specialist’s office in order to be seen as quickly as possible.

If your dental emergency occurs outside the normal business hours of Center for Progressive Dentistry, please call the office and leave a message on the answering machine. The messages will be reviewed each morning the office is open and phone calls will be returned promptly to set up an appointment within 24-48 hours.

An emergency contact number will be listed on the answering machine as well. Please call this number if there is a true dental emergency and you need to speak with the doctor. Although your condition may not be able to be fully diagnosed over the phone, our dentists will provide sound advice to get you through until you can be seen in the office. Please note that if you are not a patient of record, the dentist cannot prescribe any medications over the phone and an office visit is required.

Whatever your dental emergency might be, Center for Progressive Dentistry can help you get back on your way to a healthy smile.