Full & Partial Dentures in Duxbury, MA

Older couple hugging | Center for Progressive DentistryMissing teeth can make it difficult to eat, difficult to speak, and difficult to smile. Whether you are missing one tooth, a few teeth, or all your teeth, dentures can be a fantastic solution to replace your teeth and restore your smile.

At Center for Progressive Dentistry, we make gorgeous, natural looking dentures with the help of our great dental lab. You won’t ever have to feel self-conscious about your missing teeth again.

Partial Dentures

Dr. Scardella offers a variety of partial denture solutions.  From single tooth replacement to flexible partial dentures to sturdy partial dentures with a reinforced metal frame, we can do it all. We can even use implants to stabilize your partial denture.

Partial dentures are removable and can last many years if cared for properly.  They can also help maintain the spacing between your teeth to prevent drifting of neighboring teeth and extrusion of opposing teeth.

Complete Dentures/Full Dentures

If you are missing all your teeth on the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both, complete dentures can solve this problem.  If you still have some of your teeth, but they are damaged or decayed, you might be thinking about a denture.

No one wants to be without teeth which is why we can fabricate your denture ahead of time and deliver them to you on the day your teeth are extracted. These are called immediate dentures, and they can instantaneously improve your smile.

Implant-Supported Dentures

If you have loose-fitting dentures, dental implants may be used to help stabilize them. We place both standard implants and mini implants in our office. You will be able to eat and talk confidently knowing that your dentures are securely attached with the implants.

You will still be able to remove your dentures when you want to for proper cleaning and maintenance. Loose dentures are especially common on the lower jaw or when the jawbone recedes over many years of missing teeth.

Caring for Your Dentures

Our terrific team will help you maintain your denture for years to come.

  • Keeping your dentures clean is very important. Just like natural teeth, dentures can build up plaque and tartar that can irritate your gums, stain the denture teeth, and harbor bacteria and fungus.
  • Give your gums a break! Never sleep with your dentures in place unless directed to do so by your dentist. Place them in a bath of water every night. Denture-soaking solution, like Efferdent, may be used one or more times per week.
  • Brush your denture with a denture toothbrush and water at least once a day.  
  • Brush inside your mouth at least twice per day (and floss once a day if natural teeth remain) if you have a partial denture, an over-denture with natural tooth attachments, or a denture supported by dental implants.

If you are interested in any of our denture options, please call the office immediately to set up a consultation appointment.