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Case of the Week- Using Crowns to Improve a Smile

November 4, 2015
Posted By: Dr. David Scardella

In this Case of the Week, Evelyn was in desperate need of a smile improvement. She had old metal-porcelain crowns on her two front teeth which were too white and unnatural looking. Her adjacent teeth had cavities needing repair. I completed a full exam on Evelyn and we came up with a treatment plan to be completed over 6 months to a year. Although there were other issues that needed to be addressed, we started with the primary area of concern: her upper front teeth.

Dental crowns, porcelain crowns, cosmetic dentistry

I first sent models of Evelyn's teeth to our dental lab. They used wax to create the ideal tooth shape for Evelyn's 4 front teeth. We used this wax model to create the temporary crowns. On the day of treatment, the old crowns were removed, as well as the decay on the adjacent teeth. Fillings were placed and then the teeth prepared for full porcelain/ceramic crowns. The temporary crowns were placed and the patient left with an already drastically improved smile.


A few weeks later, the temporary crowns were removed and the new crowns tried on. These crowns are made of a new, high strength Zirconia ceramic called BruxZir Anterior. The laboratory did such a fantastic job, almost no adjustments had to be made. The crowns were then bonded to the tooth and the end result was amazing. This final picture was taken 2 weeks after the crowns were placed. Notice how healthy the gum tissue looks due to the patient's meticulous oral hygiene.

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