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Case of the Week- New Dentures

November 6, 2018
Posted By: Dr. David Scardella
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Our patient, Mr. S, was in need of some new dentures. His old dentures were severely worn down. They also did not fit properly, especially the lower denture. They both needed loads of denture adhesive to stay in place. Mr. S has also heard about dental implants to help secure his dentures. Here are steps he went through to get his new implant-retained dentures.

Here are his old dentures:


dentures in a mouth | dentures duxbury ma

First, a 3D x-ray called a Cone Beam CT (CBCT) was taken to determine if Mr. S was a candidate for implants. Even though he is 83 years old and has worn denture for many years, Mr. S was still a great candidate for implants to secure a lower denture.


Next, 4 dental implants were placed in the lower jaw. They were placed under the gum tissue during healing and the patient's existing denture was modified to fit better during this period.


After initial healing, we began the process to make new dentures, which generally takes 4 appointments.

Lastly, when the new dentures were completed, the dental implants were uncovered from under the gums and special attachments were placed. Here are the new dentures:


closeup of dentures in a mouth | dentures duxbury ma

The denture was modified to accept the new attachments and the process was complete. The final results were amazing. The esthetics of the new denture were perfect and the implants hold the lower denture in place. The upper denture is now well fitting and doesn't need denture adhesive either. The entire process took a little more than 4 months to complete.


Happy customer! For more info on our dentures, call the team at Center for Progressive Dentistry today!


a man smiles with his new dentures | dentures duxbury ma


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