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Mouthguards, Nightguards, Retainers and More! Now made in-office...

November 3, 2017
Posted By: David Scardella, DMD
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Recently, our office purchased a fantastic new laboratory machine with the capability of producing custom fabricated athletic mouthguards, nightguards to prevent tooth grinding, and clear orthodontic retainers. It's called: the MiniSTAR.

an image of a mouth guard/retainer making machine | duxbury MA dentist

With the ability to fabricate these dental appliances in our office, we can deliver them to our patients faster and at a lower cost than sending them to a commercial dental laboratory. 

Our athletic mouthguards can be made in a variety of colors. Upon request, we can add custom logos and names. They are multi-layered, durable, and will help protect against fractured teeth and concussions. If you or your children are playing sports, a custom athletic mouthguard is a MUST HAVE! The cost is $299, however, mention this blog post for $50 off your first athletic mouthguard.

 a comparison of 2 different mouth guards | custom mouth guard duxbury

Have you been told you grind your teeth by your dentist or bed partner? Tooth loss from grinding is a serious and common issue. Luckily, we have the tools to protect your teeth and stop the grind. With the miniSTAR, we are able to produce a wide array of custom nightguards. These guards will help preserve your natural teeth, as well as crowns, veneer, dental implants and other dental work you've had done. Certain guards even help reduce the muscle activity responsible for tooth grinding. Our nightguards start at $475 and may even be covered by your dental insurance.

an image of a clear retainer on a cast mold | retainers duxbury ma

Orthodontic Retainers. No, not that goofy kind with the metal wire across your front teeth. Our clear, almost  invisible orthodontic retainers are comfortable and durable and will keep your teeth straight for years. You only have to wear them at night, unless directed otherwise by your orthodontist. Most people don't know that teeth will gradually move over time, even after braces. These retainers are perfect for anyone looking to keep their teeth straight for a lifetime or don't want their teeth to shift any more than they already have. The cost for a set of two retainers (one upper and one lower) is $249.

a close up of someone putting their retainer in | duxbury ma retainers

We hope you take advantage of all our new machine has to offer your dental health. For more info on retainers and mouth guards, please contact our Duxbury, MA office today!

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