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The Power of Dental Implants to Change Your Smile- Case of the Week

April 11, 2018
Posted By: David Scardella, DMD
a close up of a smile | dental implants duxbury










This week I delivered two dental implant crowns to one of our patients and it made me think how great it is to have an option like dental implants available today. It truly is a life-altering procedure. This is especially the case with our patient, who I'll call Emily to protect her anonymity. 

Here is Emily when she first came to our office. She was missing both upper left bicuspids. I got her to smile for the photo, but this wasn't something she felt comfortable doing in public. She is getting married this year and wanted to be able to smile in her wedding photos.

a close up of a smile | dental implants duxbury      a close up of a smile | dental implants duxbury

After careful evaluation, I decided Emily was a great candidate for dental implants to replace the missing teeth and all procedures could be done in our office with local anesthesia (Novacaine) only. Utilizing the latest technology, including 3D x-rays and digital dental impressions, a virtual plan was created for Emily's dental implant placement procedure. From this plan, a surgical guide was 3D printed to make sure her implants ended up in exactly the right place. 

a close up of a smile | dental implants duxbury MA

After a few months of healing, the implants were ready for the crowns. Again, digital dental impressions were taken and emailed to our dental lab. Two weeks later, the crowns were placed. The final result was amazing and Emily was very grateful to feel comfortable smiling again.

Dental crowns were placed | Dentist Duxbury MA    Dental crowns on woman's smile | Dentist Duxbury MA

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