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Dr. Scardella and Stevie head to North Carolina to Learn about Sleep Apnea!

November 3, 2016
Posted By: David Scardella
Person covering head with pillow next to man with bullhorn as head to represent snoring

This afternoon, my chairside dental assistant Stevie and I (Dr. Scardella) will fly to Raleigh, North Carolina to learn more about obstructive sleep apnea. During the 2-day long course, we will learn about the causes, symptoms, complications, and treatment of sleep apnea using dental appliances. Sleep apnea is a growing area of concern as many connections have been discovered between sleep apnea and other medical conditions. For instance, sleep apnea has been related to high blood pressure and other heart problems, acid reflux, tooth grinding, diabetes, and more.

We look forward to learning how we can use dental sleep apnea appliances to improve the lives of our patients. Have a great weekend!

-David Scardella, DMD

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