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Vietnam Veteran is Great

June 7, 2011
Posted By: Dr. Santelli

As most of you know I have been treating a Vietnam veteran gratis for the past few months. So far everything is turning out quite well. I will post before/after pictures when we are through.

His name is Ennio, and he was born and raised in Parma, Italy. Ennio recently told me about his boss in 2008 having to let go one of the only two workers at the company (home security systems). Since Ennio had seniority, his boss had to fire the younger employee who was married with 3 children. Since Ennio was 62 at the time and had no children living at home he told his employer to let him go and give the younger man his job back. That’s exactly what the employer ended up doing.

The good news is that after 3 years Ennio just got his job back and is working full time for the same company. A better person could not have been chosen for this complete SMILE makeover. We should finish up within the next month, actually around the 4th of July, which will be very appropriate having helped this wonderful and kind hearted Vietnam Vet. Stay tuned!

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