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Our Vietnam Veteran is Doing Great

May 20, 2011
Posted By: Dr. Santelli

As many of you are aware, this year we decided to do a complete SMILE MAKEOVER for a war veteran GRATIS. The winner of our little contest served in Vietnam and then almost lost his life in a snow mobile accident in 1999 in N.H.

At the time, he lost most of his teeth and broke most of the bones in his face. We started our reconstruction a few weeks ago. The end result will be a total of ten mini implants and SNAP-ON dentures and the roof of his mouth will NOT be covered with the denture. In this way he’ll taste his food better, his speech will be better and he will not gag or need denture adhesives EVER!

We have estimated that the cost of this treatment would have been close to $20,000. After 40 wonderful years in this profession, it was my way of giving back to society in a very meaningful way. As we progress I will keep you posted and we’ll also post before and after pictures of this war hero and lucky contest winner. 

As we approach Memorial Day we need to ALL reflect on what the thousands of men and women who served in ANY American war have meant to this nation. And for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their own lives, we bow our heads in their honor.

God bless!

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