Cosmetic Dentistry in Duxbury, MA

Woman smiling at man | Dentist Duxbury MAIs there something about your smile you wish you could improve? Do you want to change the shape, color, or size of your teeth? Dr. David Scardella may be able to fix many of these common concerns using cosmetic dentistry procedures. A beautiful smile makes you feel good about the way you look and enhances your confidence and self-esteem.

Center for Progressive Dentistry offers a variety of procedures in cosmetic dentistry, many of which are minimally or non-invasive. Dr. Scardella will listen your needs and discuss all options available to restore your smile. You will have an opportunity to have all your questions answered before any procedures begin. 

The Solutions You Need

Bonding: Tooth-colored composite filling material is a great way to change the shape or color of your teeth as well as close gaps between teeth. Often little to no preparation of your natural tooth structure is needed, making it minimally invasive and painless. Cosmetic bonding is easy to maintain and repair if necessary.  Check out the Smile Gallery for examples of bonding procedures on our actual patients. This procedure can often be done in just one treatment appointment.

Veneers: Porcelain or ceramic veneers are some of the most esthetic restorations in dentistry today. It will take two treatment appointments because the veneers are custom fabricated at our local dental laboratory. Often veneers can be placed with minimal reduction to your natural tooth structure. Learn more about our beautiful veneers here.

Whitening: Out of the many different whitening products on the market, our team has selected the Opalescence Whitening System. This system is safe, fast, and effective. We offer both in-office and take-home solutions to achieve your brightest smile. Ask our team how Opalescence Whitening can bring out your best and brightest smile.

At Center for Progressive Dentistry, we will listen to your concerns and customize our treatment plan to your needs. We strive to create beautiful and long-lasting smiles. Both our doctors engage routinely in continuing education courses to keep up to date on the latest materials and procedures. We offer our services in a comfortable, non-threatening environment, with an exceptional team to help make your experience the best dental visit you’ve ever had.

Please Contact Us to Arrange a Consultation

Ask Dr. Scardella how we might be able to enhance your smile at your next visit or call to schedule a cosmetic consultation appointment. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals for a beautiful, healthy smile!